Danger, Liberated.

Danger, Liberated

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve discovered the joys of a phone app called You Doodle. I probably love it because it’s a way to be narcisstic, post selfies with bits chopped out and call it collage, as it’s no longer a selfie. Anyway, I digress (and offer too much truth), the app is pretty good if you miss the way that, in more lo-fi times, you’d carry around a economically sized sketchbook and draw little cartoons and write down witty turns of phrase that would just pop into your mind.

It’s also a handy way of swerving social media, as you spend most time making the collage, and, by the time you’ve posted it (for instant gratification, another plus to this process) you’re too tired to snoop on whatever it is that people are flinging out into the online realm.


The only problem with these digital collages is, I now want to look like the version of me I am creating in digital form. Is there a reasonable way to make this happen?