Running With Wolves at Cardiff Design Festival

If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf – Nikita Khrushchev

On Saturday the 5 October 2013 we invite you to join us and come running* with the Pack of Wolves.

In a manner akin to a Flash-Mob we invite you to design your own wolf mask and join us in Bute Park from which point we will proceed through the streets of Cardiff to our Den where there will be some refreshments and possibly some light entertainment.

If you wish to join us ensure you locate the Pack at Bute Park by 6.00pm. You won’t be able to miss the Alpha wolf waving the Pack of Wolves’ flag!

In order to get you started we have provided some free mask templates that you can download (below) and print out for yourself. If you would like a little help in designing your mask why not sign up to one of our mask making workshops on Saturday afternoon. These are being led by our wolf cubs – Illustration students from Cardiff School of Art & Design. You can book a place at one of these workshops below.

Of course if you wish to design your own mask from scratch then feel free. Why not check out our blog for some inspiration?

You don’t have to be a creative wizard to take part in Running with Wolves but you do have to turn up in a wolf mask!


  • Follow the Pack of wolves flag bearer
  • We will be proceeding through public spaces. Please be mindful of this and respectful towards members of the public in these spaces.
  • The processions should be entertaining and fun events so please do not engage in any acts of adverse lunacy
  • If you’re joining us please wear sensible shoes
  • If it’s raining please ensure you’re dressed appropriately. Eg. Wear a pac-a-mac or wolfskin
  • Prowl like a wolf
  • Howl like a wolf

*when we say ‘running’ what we really mean is a light jog**
**When we say ‘light jog’ we probably mean a brisk walk

Mask_IMG-FayeMask_IMG-LaylaMarie's Wolf MaskMask_IMG-Spike

These mask templates can be printed at a variety of sizes. We would recommend A4 size masks for children and small adults but they will fit all faces. If you have access to an A3 printer though we would recommend using that to print adult masks. 160-200gsm paper works a treat!

Keep an eye on this page or follow us on Twitter for further information and updates.


Televisual Advertisement

I’m not quite sure what came over him, but the consistently prolific Mr Spike Dennis took it upon himself to make me a 21st Century Televisual Advertisement.

It’s totally normal, and this is in fact what my actual face looks like under the mask I wear on a daily basis.

Thanks very much to Spike. Check out more of his work here. Spike and Layla are the gruesome twosome who set up the art collective I am part of, The Pack of Wolves, so make sure you take a peep at our work on the wolfsite too.

Next level news


I’m bringing two exhibitions to The Winns Gallery in Lloyds Park, Walthamstow, running back-to-back in the first two weeks of July 2013. First up is Once Upon Again, an exhibition brought to you by the Pack of Wolves collective (I’m a wolf!), curated by Layla Holzer and Spike Dennis. The show debuted at Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff at the end of February this year. The exhibition takes inspiration from folk and fairy tales, retelling them in their original style, dark, sexy and cautionary, as they were originally intended, before being sanitised for mass-production.

Busy times at Milkwood Gallery for Once Upon Again private view

The second exhibition is one you’ll be familiar with – my travelling Mail Art collection! Yep, it’s back, having travelled around the country, picking up tons more art on its way. This will be the last time you can see the collection in the UK as I will be sending it far, far away to another land in the not-too-distant future. I’m super excited to have the mail art collection back with all the new additions. I intend to catalogue it all online before I send it away.

Check back here soon for more news of the upcoming exhibitions.

E17 Art Trail 2012

I exhibited my solo show, Happyland, for almost the full 16 days of this year’s E17 Art Trail. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this meant I didn’t get to see a whole lot of other exhibitions on the trail, so, apologies for not having a lot to report.

I did however do a bit of moonlighting on the Art Trail, and took time out to make some rather large cardboard vegetables for The Veg Chapel of Love. A marriage of the vegetables of Walthamstow, to promote a love of vegetables and sustainable living (Idea conceived by Simon La Roche, brought to you by Simon and Krystyna La Roche, OrganicLea, Original Army, Marie Louise Plum and Animaux Circus).

Huge thanks go to Walthamstow Wine, who offered me exhibition space and provided me with gallons of most tantalising wines to help warm up people at my private view. If you’re local to Walthamstow, or ever passing, please do go and check them out. You can follow Walthamstow Wine on Twitter.


Mail Art: Lincoln


Hello folks!

Mail Art news: the touring exhibition which kicked off in Walthamstow earlier in the year has now left Bedford and is currently residing in Lincoln.

Helen Dearnley is curating this leg of the magical, travelling Mail Art tour. As ever, we are encouraging anyone and everyone to take part; get stuck into creating some art! The only stipulation is that the art is directly linked to postal items, be it drawn, painted, printed or scribbled on envelopes, brown paper packaging, missed mail cards, stamps, jiffy bags or postable boxes. This is mail art – it should be mailable, accessible for all (to make and enjoy) and, most importantly, relate to post and mail.

If you would like more info about what we’d like to see submitted, and what this touring exhibition is, please check out this post here. Starting off with Mail Art: Walthamstow in January this year, the tour has since stopped off at Cardiff, Bedford and now Lincoln, growing in size as it travels.

Mail Art: Lincoln opens this Friday with a Private View at 12.00p.m. and will run until October 26th 2012. The exhibition venue is an empty shop (much like the Bedford leg of the tour, curated by Anne-Marie Stijeljasee slideshow here!), which is 100% in keeping with the mail art ethos (accessible, non-juried space, open to all).

If you would like to contribute your artwork, please send all submissions to: Helen Dearnley: Mail Art, Lincoln, 18-20 Sincil Street, Lincoln, LN5 7ET

To read more about exactly what mail art is and where it came from, check out the Mail Art wiki page.

Mail Art: Bedford

The touring mail art exhibition that I set up earlier this year, which kicked off the tour in Walthamstow, London, has now rocked up in Bedford. Anne-Marie Stijelja is curating this leg, taking over from Spike Dennis who curated the show at The PrintHaus in Cardiff.

We need your art! Please read the press release below to find out how you can be involved, and get yourselves down to the pop-up gallery space in Bedford to check out all the new work that has been added to the exhibition on its travels!

“As part of the 24 Mill St Pop Up local artist and all round wonder-woman Anne Marie Stijelja will be curating the Mail Art: Bedford exhibition which will incorporate her own work alongside other travelling Mail Art shows. Anne Marie explains more here:

“I will be curating an exhibition at the 24 Mill St Pop Up on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd September 2012 that will celebrate Mail-Art. Mail Art is a little known art form which first began in the 60’s as a way for people of any age, gender or art ability to express their creativity by painting, weaving, drawing, etc. directly onto the packages and envelopes they post out. Find out more here

Within the exhibition I will be including some of my own artwork, which uses British and foreign postage stamps as a medium as well as the elevated envelopes that I have sent and received through Tara Bliven’s ‘The Elevated Envelope’ project

There will also be an opportunity to see the 300 postcards entries from a recent stamp design competition that celebrated the Best of British in 2012 , where the best 50 designs were made into a book called The Jubilee Postcards published by Lavinia Drake.

In addition we are honoured to play host to traveling Mail Art exhibition, which is on a journey around Great Britain and will join us in Bedford after leaving its previous destination of the Printhaus in Cardiff. This travelling exhibition is the brain child of Marie-Louise Plum, who lives in Walthamstow but originates from Bedford.


I am seeking art submissions on any subject and medium with one stipulation – that it relates to mailable packaging or material i.e. art on jiffy bags, envelopes, brown paper, packages, art using stamps, printed or franked labels, mail stickers, stencils or mail delivery cards. You can draw, paint, cut, stick and glue, cut-out, construct, scribble or print the choice is yours. As your work is being sent straight to the empty shop, it would need to fit through a regular sized letterbox.

Submissions will be added to Marie-Louise Plum’s traveling Mail Art exhibition which will continue its journey around Great Britain and possibly further afield. If you would like to host it in your town then let Marie-Louise know on

All entries must reach the pop-up gallery between the dates of August 27th and September 23rd to ensure that they are exhibited in the Bedford section of the travelling exhibition. Please note that it is in the spirit of Mail Art that all entries submitted are shown and that it is open to amateurs or professionals alike. The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd Sept is the core of the exhibition, but if space allows within the Pop Up we will keep the exhibition up for longer.

Entries should be sent to:

Anne-Marie Stijelja
Mail Art: Bedford
24 Mill Street
MK40 3HD

If you have any questions please contact me on”

H A P P Y L A N D at the E17 Art Trail, 2012.

Hello folks, as ever I am super late in posting this news but please do have a read of the information below! I have a solo exhibition on in Walthamstow (London, E17 9BN) from 1st-16th September, with a private view and wine tasting tomorrow, 29th August, from 5-8pm at the venue listed below.

All the information you need is below, and here’s a couple of sneak peaks from my exhibition:

“H A P P Y L A N D is a major solo exhibition by Walthamstow artist and illustrator Marie-Louise Plum. Circus themed, it includes illustrations on paper as well as more unconventional art objects. A vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated images, pen & ink portraits and customised museum boxes stuffed full with broken, psychedelic toys stitch together the imaginary world of Happyland. Marie-Louise invites visitors to meet brain-eating slug-men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions.

Happyland exists in the cracks between dreams and nightmares. A place where north is south of upside down. Best viewed through a child’s eyes! Don’t be frightened, nothing is real.

Marie-Louise loves to create creepy characters and fantastical vignettes full of mischief and humour. She has worked on a varied range of projects including a large-scale wall piece for Forest Hall, Edinburgh, a custom made Moleskine design for Modofly and a wooden puzzle seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her main interests are folk art, outsiders and freaks and she enjoys nothing more than creating nonsense and mess up in her attic room.”

Venue Details: Walthamstow Wine Club, 56-60 Grove Road, E17 9BN.
Opening times: 1st-16th September, Sat 10.00-17.00 (except 8th), Sun 11.00-16.00 (except 9th), Tue-Fri 14.00-20.00. Closed Mondays.

Artwork & Contact Information:
All artwork is for sale and is priced individually, prices available on request. If you are interested in pieces please ask the invigilator on duty at the exhibition, or email Marie-Louise directly.”

This exhibition is part of the 2012 E17 Art Trail. Please see my Facebook event page here.


Hello folks. It’s me here. Who else.

Stoked to announce I have a Billustration in this new book, ‘Thrill Murray’, by the powerhouse that is Belly Kids. What is it? It’s a colouring book rammed full of your top fave actor of all time (of course!), Bill Murray.

I am dead excited to part of BK’s new release as they put out a lot of rad stuff. Below is my image from the book.


Murray Coloured

As it’s a colouring book, you also get a page to colour in, neat eh!


Open Call for Artists: Mail Art: E17 > Cardiff

Cut-Click Mail Art @ Milkwood Gallery
Cut-Click Mail Art exhibition at Milkwood Gallery

Easy now dudes – this is an open call for mail art from around the UK and the world!

‘Mail Art: E17’ is the first stop on a touring exhibition of mail art from artists and illustrators across the globe, housed on this leg at Walthamstow Wine Club in Walthamstow, E17, London.

I am seeking art on any subject and in any form with the one stipulation that the art relates to a mailable or mailed form. For example, that could be art on jiffy bags, envelopes, brown paper, packages, it could be art using stamps, printed or franked labels, mail stickers, stencils or mail delivery cards. You can draw, paint, cut, stick and glue, cut-out, construct, scribble or print. Anything goes.

If you would like to take part in the exhibition please email me at mail[at] or send your work directly the Mail Art:E17, c/o Walthamstow Wine, 56-60 Grove Road, London, E17 9BN. The deadline for submissions is ongoing, however, for this leg of the exhibition artwork should be mailed through by May 25th 2012.

The exhibition will move on from Walthamstow to Cardiff in June, for that is where the second leg of the Magical Mail Art Mystery Tour will be housed, at our new home, The Printhaus. Contemporary British artist Spike Dennis is curating the exhibition in Cardiff. We are still looking for curators for future exhibitions, so if you’d like to try your hand at curating a leg of the Mail Art tour, please get in touch by emailing mail[at]

Mail Art: E17 will be on display at Walthamstow Wine Club until June 20th 2012. Mail Art: Cardiff will be on display at The Printhaus from 7th July 2012-21st July 2012.

Read more about the world-wide cultural movement of Mail Art here.

*The reason I am exhibiting the first leg in E17 is because it’s a vibrant, art-filled community full of lovely people who are well into lovely things! Check out Stowscene to learn more about us.