Running With Wolves at Cardiff Design Festival

If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf – Nikita Khrushchev

On Saturday the 5 October 2013 we invite you to join us and come running* with the Pack of Wolves.

In a manner akin to a Flash-Mob we invite you to design your own wolf mask and join us in Bute Park from which point we will proceed through the streets of Cardiff to our Den where there will be some refreshments and possibly some light entertainment.

If you wish to join us ensure you locate the Pack at Bute Park by 6.00pm. You won’t be able to miss the Alpha wolf waving the Pack of Wolves’ flag!

In order to get you started we have provided some free mask templates that you can download (below) and print out for yourself. If you would like a little help in designing your mask why not sign up to one of our mask making workshops on Saturday afternoon. These are being led by our wolf cubs – Illustration students from Cardiff School of Art & Design. You can book a place at one of these workshops below.

Of course if you wish to design your own mask from scratch then feel free. Why not check out our blog for some inspiration?

You don’t have to be a creative wizard to take part in Running with Wolves but you do have to turn up in a wolf mask!


  • Follow the Pack of wolves flag bearer
  • We will be proceeding through public spaces. Please be mindful of this and respectful towards members of the public in these spaces.
  • The processions should be entertaining and fun events so please do not engage in any acts of adverse lunacy
  • If you’re joining us please wear sensible shoes
  • If it’s raining please ensure you’re dressed appropriately. Eg. Wear a pac-a-mac or wolfskin
  • Prowl like a wolf
  • Howl like a wolf

*when we say ‘running’ what we really mean is a light jog**
**When we say ‘light jog’ we probably mean a brisk walk

Mask_IMG-FayeMask_IMG-LaylaMarie's Wolf MaskMask_IMG-Spike

These mask templates can be printed at a variety of sizes. We would recommend A4 size masks for children and small adults but they will fit all faces. If you have access to an A3 printer though we would recommend using that to print adult masks. 160-200gsm paper works a treat!

Keep an eye on this page or follow us on Twitter for further information and updates.



Running with Wolves at Stockholm Fringe Festival.

I had meant to write this post before I went to Stockholm. Minor error. I went, I’m back, here’s what happened…

I went to Sweden with the rest of the Wolves at the end of August to bring an exciting series of workshops and participatory performances to the annual Stockholm Fringe Festival. We ran wolf mask-making workshops and encouraged members of the public to join us with their own masks in a ‘flash-mob’ style performance ‘Running with Wolves’, which culminated in a procession around the Kulterhuset venue and into the streets of Stockholm. We made masks downloadable from our Pack of Wolves site. These are still available online to download, so if you’d like to do a wolfie mask of your very own, for whatever you choose, sitting in a deckchair the garden on perhaps unholy games of a deviant sexual nature, you can do so HERE.

Housed at the Kulterhuset, the Southbank Centre of Stockholm, the words being said about the fringe festival are thus: “the Stockholm Fringe Fest mission is to shape a creative platform hosting artists from all over the world. Stoff welcomes the young, the old and everyone in between. The Festival is for those who want to explore, criticise, exchange, question, enjoy, be surprised and for those who simply want to be a part of a thrilling atmosphere where anything is possible.” The press release goes on to say “What slightly differentiates STOFF from a traditional Fringe Festival is that our current primary focus is on promoting performance theatre and installation art; the new, the innovative and the cutting edge. As STOFF grows we hope to be able to diversify further and become a fringe festival open for all forms of artistic expression.”

And that was true. There was lots going on. Some great, some, erm, a little too EdFringe Royal Mile woo-woo for my liking.  If you have any idea what I am trying to describe, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Despite not wandering round in our pants throwing flour in each others faces, we did okay. Quite a few people came to make masks with us, not going to lie, it was a slow start, but by the end of the weekend we had loads of participants decorating their pre-designed masks. We had taken over the basement lobby with a group of artists sprawled across the floor doing their drawing and colouring in.

The procession was less en-masse than we had predicted, but we soldiered on with it nonetheless. All in all, we were delighted to have had our “Running with Wolves” project selected for inclusion in this year’s Stockholm Fringe Festival programme, sitting alongside some fantastic performances by artists, actors and provocateurs, as well as a one-night only performance by John Malkovich. Yes, that was a name drop. Watch it fly.

For your eyeballs, here’s more pictures of things we saw:

H A P P Y L A N D at the E17 Art Trail, 2012.

Hello folks, as ever I am super late in posting this news but please do have a read of the information below! I have a solo exhibition on in Walthamstow (London, E17 9BN) from 1st-16th September, with a private view and wine tasting tomorrow, 29th August, from 5-8pm at the venue listed below.

All the information you need is below, and here’s a couple of sneak peaks from my exhibition:

“H A P P Y L A N D is a major solo exhibition by Walthamstow artist and illustrator Marie-Louise Plum. Circus themed, it includes illustrations on paper as well as more unconventional art objects. A vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated images, pen & ink portraits and customised museum boxes stuffed full with broken, psychedelic toys stitch together the imaginary world of Happyland. Marie-Louise invites visitors to meet brain-eating slug-men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions.

Happyland exists in the cracks between dreams and nightmares. A place where north is south of upside down. Best viewed through a child’s eyes! Don’t be frightened, nothing is real.

Marie-Louise loves to create creepy characters and fantastical vignettes full of mischief and humour. She has worked on a varied range of projects including a large-scale wall piece for Forest Hall, Edinburgh, a custom made Moleskine design for Modofly and a wooden puzzle seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her main interests are folk art, outsiders and freaks and she enjoys nothing more than creating nonsense and mess up in her attic room.”

Venue Details: Walthamstow Wine Club, 56-60 Grove Road, E17 9BN.
Opening times: 1st-16th September, Sat 10.00-17.00 (except 8th), Sun 11.00-16.00 (except 9th), Tue-Fri 14.00-20.00. Closed Mondays.

Artwork & Contact Information:
All artwork is for sale and is priced individually, prices available on request. If you are interested in pieces please ask the invigilator on duty at the exhibition, or email Marie-Louise directly.”

This exhibition is part of the 2012 E17 Art Trail. Please see my Facebook event page here.

Valentinesy Day of Art and Fun

More information on the Wood Street Indoor Market where I will be exhibiting with the Waltham Forest Arts Club. I’m doing a masked interaction on the 11th and would love to see lots of folks down there.

Mask! at Forest, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Love Wood Street Indoor Market?
Or never been to Wood Street Indoor Market?

Come along to an exciting Valentinesy day of fun in the Market, on Saturday February 11th, 10am to 5.30pm.

This is the result of a 3-month-long competition process and so we are really excited to finally open the doors on our new tenants.

There’ll be all your favourite antiques and records shops, AND the *GRAND LAUNCH* of our 21 BRAND-NEW shops!

Our new shops include a Florist (just in time for Valentines!), an Artisan Bakery, a new Coffee Shop, a Film-Makers-Shop, vintage clothes, accessories and poster shops. There will also be new spaces run by Craft Guerilla, Significant Seams, exhibitions by E17 Designers and the Waltham Forest Arts Club. As well as arty happenings by The Pink Bear Club and the Wood Street Picture Palace.

For those last minute Valentines gifts, there will be a host of new shops including new crafts and gift shops. Strange Fruit greeting-card makers will even send the Valentines Card for you!

With plenty of exciting launch events, including live mural painting by Animaux Circus (thanks to them for designing the poster!), and lots of special offers, it will be a great day to visit the Market, so hope to see you there!

See the Facebook event page and the the full list of new shops on the Wood Street blog.”

Mask making.

So I’m doing this thing in Edinburgh on 26th August. It’s at The Forest for Total Kunst and is in all the listings so have a search. I’ll write more about it nearer the time, when I know what I’m doing for sure and what time I’ll be doing it.

What I know so far is that it’s a performance that depends on lots of people taking part. I’ve made four brand new masks from plaster impregnated bandages. I cast my face for a laugh. Not the easiest way to make a mask.

I’ll show you the masks as they progress.

Mask making.
Mask making. Mask making.

Mask! at the Urban Arts Festival, Amsterdam.

atelier stall

If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know that I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam last weekend. It was my first time in the city centre and I was blown away by its look, smell and feel. Love it. Want to go back.

I was invited to Amsterdam by Donna DuCarme and Rick Lightstone of the ABC Treehouse Gallery (affiliated with the American Book Centre) to take part in their expo of urban art, the aptly named Urban Arts Festival. I have blogged about what the festival is before – an open air ‘atelier’ with artists working, selling and crafting, and also workshopping at the ABC Treehouse (studio, workshop space and gallery). The square on the Spui was filled with rows of crafters and designers on their own stalls. My neighbours on one side were a collective of fabulous paper and plush crafters. Their work was available to buy and make, as well as some essential books on the subject.

I set up my stall early on, selling prints and original framed illustrations, mini-zines and postcards. My masks weren’t for sale, although people could and did freely try them on. I also took a batch of plastic blank face masks for people to illustrate on. I gave a couple of one-to-one workshops, one with a Brazilian lady and another with a very cool little boy.

There were too many notable highlights of the day to mention them all, so I’ll namecheck just a few of the artists and projects I am especially into. Molly Crabapple set up a live Dr Sketchy’s in the square, Nick Knite and Dolly Oblong were a pleasure to talk to, their plush and paper designs full of fun a frolics (plus too cute pins!), Luiz Risi whose ‘Heart on Stage’ project with Leena Yliportimo I did some live illustration on the square for (more on that later!), and Dennis de Groot, my other neighbour, who was illustrating stories from words given to him by passers by. There’s one other thing too – #Stone-carved Tweets. Succinctly topical idea from Autobahn and Richard Wendling!

Autobahn and Richard Wendling & me doing an illo for Heart on Stage
Autobahn + Richard WendlingHeart On Stage - Leena Yliportimo & Luiz Risi

Maki, Yarn bombing & Tania Grace Knuckey

I’d like to give a special shout out to the XStreets Collective, who not only despatched a powerhouse of work during the day (see my photostream for the evidence) but also took for for the finest pepper steak and fries I have ever eaten. They were the friendliest bunch of folk ever and really rounded up the end of my day in Amsterdam with fun and laughs. XStreets are made up of graffiti and street artists from Holland, the UK, Switzerland and other places. Their Flickr group is here, check it out.

Just a few of the XStreets Collective

Molly Crabapple/Dr Sketchy, Robert Pennekamp & Falk aka Akut

Last picture from my Dutch adventure…