Mail Art: E17 in WF Guardian.

>> Update on the mail art exhibtion housed at Walthamstow Wine, E17: opening times, submission guidelines and press coverage.


I am still seeking submissions for the mail art exhibition,click here for submission guidelines and deadline.

Waltham Forest Guardian have covered the exhibition with a nice write up, available to view here.

Regarding opening times, the exhibition is freely open to the public every other Wednesday from 3-9pm, the next Wednesday it is open is 15th February and then every other Wednesday after that. However, the exhibition may be viewed by appointment and that is possible Mon-Fri during working hours. The wine club venue is also an office and you can book an appointment to view the artworks by calling 0208 521 8296 or 07723 323 542.

The submission deadline for this leg of the Mail Art touring exhibition is April 2nd 2012. The exhibition will be moving on to Cardiff in April therefore the sooner you send your work in, the quick and longer it is displayed on this leg of the touring exhibtion.

Open call for artists, Mail Art: E17.

Mail art work by György Galántai, 1981

This is an open call for mail art from around the UK and the world.

Mail Art: E17 is the first stop on a moving exhibition of mail art from artists and illustrators across the globe, housed on this leg at Walthamstow Wine Club in Walthamstow, E17, London. I am curating the exhibition in E17* and looking for curators for future exhibitions.

I am seeking art on any subject and in any form with the one stipulation that the art relates to a mailable or mailed form. For example, that could be art on jiffy bags, envelopes, brown paper, packages, art using stamps, printed or franked labels, mail stickers, stencils or mail delivery cards. You can draw, paint, cut, stick and glue, cut-out, construct, scribble or print. Anything goes.

If you would like to take part in the exhibition please email me at mail[at] or send your work directly the Mail Art:E17, c/o Walthamstow Wine, 56-60 Grove Road, London, E17 9BN. The deadline for submissions is ongoing, however for this leg of the exhibition artwork should be mailed through by May 25th 2011. The exhibition opens this Wednesday 18th January with my mail art work, and, as more mail art submissions come in, will be added to.

Read more about the world-wide cultural movement of Mail Art here.

*The reason I am exhibiting the first leg in E17 is because it’s a vibrant, art-filled community full of lovely people who are well into lovely things! Check out Stowscene to learn more about us.

Mail Art stamp and envelope with official Colt Anniversary postmark – Chuck Welch, aka Cracker Jack Kid, 1984

Inbox (12) – a fanzine in postcards.

Inbox (12)

Inbox (12)

I was recently asked to contribute to Inbox (12), a fanzine from Spain, consisting of 12 postcards drawn by 12 illustrators. The 12 postcards represent 12 city locations, all of them favourite spots of the 12 illustrators.

I contributed to the London edition, having lived in London for the last ten years. The other currently published city editions are Berlin and Madrid, but with New York and Tokyo also in the pipeline there’s plenty of amazing secret locations for you to discover.

I’d like to extend thanks to the makers of Inbox (12), especially since they have so diligently put together my very own profile on their site. The other illustrators involved in the London issue are all worth mentioning so please do visit the following:Brett Ryder, Chengsi Lu, Christina Christoforou, David Sparshott, Emily Spicer, Florian Meacci, Harriet Russell, Jo Cheung, Katey Jean, Kristopher Ho and Sandra Dieckmann.

If you’d like to see other illustrators favourite London spots buy a copy here(12).

From the Inbox (12) blog…

“A postcard is a trip invitation to visit spots we don´t know yet, to explore those we already know through the sender´s eyes, to imagine everything that is not told and could be happening at that place that someone is drawing for us…

Inbox (12) is a guide of the special spots in one city that a friend who knows the place would recommended to you… and they´re not always in the usual travel guides.

Inbox (12) is a sample of the work of a selection of the best illustrators related to each city all around the world.

Inbox (12) is a project that wants to recover the feeling of opening the mailbox and finding a bunch of beautiful postcards sent from a nice city waiting for you.

Inbox (12) is a fanzine for those who enjoy having a beautiful object between their hands.

Inbox (12) is a publication to collect and last in time…”