E17 Art Trail 2012

I exhibited my solo show, Happyland, for almost the full 16 days of this year’s E17 Art Trail. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this meant I didn’t get to see a whole lot of other exhibitions on the trail, so, apologies for not having a lot to report.

I did however do a bit of moonlighting on the Art Trail, and took time out to make some rather large cardboard vegetables for The Veg Chapel of Love. A marriage of the vegetables of Walthamstow, to promote a love of vegetables and sustainable living (Idea conceived by Simon La Roche, brought to you by Simon and Krystyna La Roche, OrganicLea, Original Army, Marie Louise Plum and Animaux Circus).

Huge thanks go to Walthamstow Wine, who offered me exhibition space and provided me with gallons of most tantalising wines to help warm up people at my private view. If you’re local to Walthamstow, or ever passing, please do go and check them out. You can follow Walthamstow Wine on Twitter.


H A P P Y L A N D at the E17 Art Trail, 2012.

Hello folks, as ever I am super late in posting this news but please do have a read of the information below! I have a solo exhibition on in Walthamstow (London, E17 9BN) from 1st-16th September, with a private view and wine tasting tomorrow, 29th August, from 5-8pm at the venue listed below.

All the information you need is below, and here’s a couple of sneak peaks from my exhibition:

“H A P P Y L A N D is a major solo exhibition by Walthamstow artist and illustrator Marie-Louise Plum. Circus themed, it includes illustrations on paper as well as more unconventional art objects. A vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated images, pen & ink portraits and customised museum boxes stuffed full with broken, psychedelic toys stitch together the imaginary world of Happyland. Marie-Louise invites visitors to meet brain-eating slug-men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions.

Happyland exists in the cracks between dreams and nightmares. A place where north is south of upside down. Best viewed through a child’s eyes! Don’t be frightened, nothing is real.

Marie-Louise loves to create creepy characters and fantastical vignettes full of mischief and humour. She has worked on a varied range of projects including a large-scale wall piece for Forest Hall, Edinburgh, a custom made Moleskine design for Modofly and a wooden puzzle seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her main interests are folk art, outsiders and freaks and she enjoys nothing more than creating nonsense and mess up in her attic room.”

Venue Details: Walthamstow Wine Club, 56-60 Grove Road, E17 9BN.
Opening times: 1st-16th September, Sat 10.00-17.00 (except 8th), Sun 11.00-16.00 (except 9th), Tue-Fri 14.00-20.00. Closed Mondays.

Artwork & Contact Information:
All artwork is for sale and is priced individually, prices available on request. If you are interested in pieces please ask the invigilator on duty at the exhibition, or email Marie-Louise directly.”

This exhibition is part of the 2012 E17 Art Trail. Please see my Facebook event page here.