Dandelion Visions

Hello. I’m exhibiting 1 x painting and 1 x drawing at Blakefest 2017. Dandelion Visions is a group exhibition led by Mikey Georgeson, at Bognor Regis Public Library from 16 September – 12 October.

Here’s what I have to say about the work I’m showing…
“I was nineteen years old when I lost track of time and space, as we know it; the big bang presented itself as a giant game of marbles, with a man-made God at the helm. As the doors of perception creak, don’t be too upset about the seams of your fabric unravelling, everything is temporal. An ‘unfortunate lunatic’ is only so as he has noticed glitches of mans reality.”

In addition to the exhibition, weekend line-up includes poets Cherry Smith, Stella Bahin, music acts Gwyneth Herbert, David Devant & His Spirit Wife, and Blake aficionado Michael Horowitz, amongst others.

For more information, visit www.blakefest.co.uk.