New Folk Visionaries

My new exhibition, New Folk Visionaries, will be on show in the private function room at The Bell, as part of the E17 Art Trail, from May 31 – June 15. The show is open whenever the pub is – usually 12pm til late. I will put a link to the Art Trail listing and times as soon as their site is up (01/05/14).

As part of The Pack of Wolves collective, we take it in turns to curate shows, put on performances, facilitate workshops…and the rest. This gig is my doing.

We’ll be turning the private function room at the back of The Bell pub into a contemporary ‘hunting room’ full of folk, collected items, cabinet displays, skulls and horns, the uncanny and unsettling.

If you’re a fan of stitching, drawing, puppetry, film, sculpture, painted skulls and bone magic you’re most welcome at our show. If you’re not, you should still come. Don’t be scared. We don’t bite.

Featuring work from all the ‘Alpha Wolves’, Marie-Louise Plum, Spike Dennis, Layla RR Holzer and Faye Scott-Farrington, plus honorary wolf, Mark Scott-Wood.

Happyland at Postcards Festival.

Postcards Festival

Finally, after months holed up in my oddball attic, painting whiskers on old clowns and talons on dirty kittens I have finished my collection of work, called Happyland, to be exhibited at Postcards Festival.

Postcards Festival is at Jacksons Lane theatre, Highgate, London. It is a summer festival featuring the “hottest talent in circus, cabaret and performance”. There will be site-specific performance, triple bills, one-nighters and special guests. My work will be nestled in amongst the performers and cabaret; I have the run of the building where art space is concerned and have created an exhibition that lives within the nooks and crannies at Jacksons Lane.

Happyland is a vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated items, pen and ink portraits and customised museum boxes. Come and meet brain-eating slug men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions.

Best viewed through a child’s eyes. Don’t be frightened…nothing is real.

Happyland will stay up at Jackson’s Lane until the end of August.